Hunterdon County Traffic Tickets

A traffic ticket can do more than just ruin your day — it can cost you time, money and even put your driving privileges in jeopardy. However, being issued a ticket is not the end of the line. You have the right to a strong defense and to seek the guidance of an experienced traffic offense attorney.

The Law Office of Stephen D. Williams is a Flemington, New Jersey, law firm with a comprehensive municipal court practice that provides clients with dedicated representation when they are facing tickets for a wide range of traffic offenses, including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving with a suspended license

In New Jersey, even the most basic traffic violations can having lasting consequences, leaving points on your driving record. These points do not expire and can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket. The accumulation of six points in a three-year period leads to a surcharge or fine, and the accumulation of 12 points will cause your driver's license to be revoked.

While remaining violation-free and participation in driving courses can help you offset the points on your record with point deductions, many people find that a proactive defense of tickets provides more security and helps them better protect their right to drive.

Contact A Lawyer Regarding Driving Without Insurance In Hunterdon County

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